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Economic Watch: GDP Surges, July Employment Gains

Every article, report, and forecast I read from industry experts, economists, and transportation gurus says basically the same thing ...."freight is approaching all-time highs" .......and we are just beginning to touch peak season. Carriers are busier with more load options and shipper options than in many years. And, everyone knows the already tight capacity is only more exacerbated by the real driver shortage experienced in both the public and private sectors.

Shippers and carriers with an eye to the future are shuddering to imagine what the situation will be like in a couple of weeks when the end of 2nd quarter arrives. The end of second quarter is only the beginning of an always challenging third quarter run on trucks. This year trucks are and will be supporting those shippers who are the most driver friendly. I won't even mention rates because the market is already taking care of the rate situation. Shippers can differentiate themselves to carriers by being carrier and especially driver-friendly. As carriers battle it out among each other to attract and retain drivers, carriers are naturally migrating to those shippers that pay the best, get them home the best, treat them the best, AND WHOSE CUSTOMERS TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT AND HAVE THE MOST DRIVER-FRIENDLY FACILITIES, PERSONNEL AND FREIGHT. Read the full, "Economic Watch: GDP Surges, July Employment Gains" article.


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